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Mail 24/7 means convenient access to a wide range of business support services. Whether you're looking for a real brick and mortar address on a recognized commerce corridor along West Charleston Blvd., copies, notary service, legal forms, vinyl signs, CD/DVD duplication, or simply wish to avoid the lines at the post office, Mail 24/7  is your one quick stop.

Unlike most mailbox stores, we own our building. With state of the art alarm system and 24 hour video monitoring, our location is safe, secure, yet accessible. After hours, you can drive completly around the building, and park three feet from the door. Easy in, and out!

With convenient driveway access on and off the busiest street in Las Vegas, you can quickly drop off your mail, ship a package, or send a fax, almost without losing your place in traffic.

Our large selection of boxes, mailing tubes, padded envelopes, and other specialized packaging means convenient, safe, and fast shipping of your valuable cargo, domestic or international, with a minimum of stress.

We are authorized Federal Express and DHL shippers, and also provide popular USPS products, such as flat rate boxes, priority and express mail supplies

In addition, our mailbox customers enjoy after hours access to a color copier and other services. They can also call in to check mail, forward important letters, or drop off outgoing mail, with absolute confidence as to the safety, security, and prompt handling of their valuable communications.

Signing up for your Mailbox

Download our Mailbox Rental Contract

1: Mail Box Rental

With 24 hour access, our mailboxes put you in charge of your mail. Many customers, even those with houses or apartments, prefer the security and privacy of knowing others are not handling, or even worse, stealing their mail, and often their identity at the same time. Customers tell us they appreciate not having a collection of junk mail at home, just because they have been on a trip, or having packages left on their porch, never to be seen again. They rest easier, knowing they can call during business hours and check for mail, saving trips and gas. For a limited time, new customers can pay for five months, and get the sixth month free, or pay for nine months, and get three months free. An entire year of peace of mind, for a single low price. To get started, you will have to complete our rental contract, available above, then provide two forms of identification, one of which must be photo, and complete the required postal form, which we generate in our office. The whole process takes about five minutes and you then receive your keys, both to the mail center, and your mail box. There is a $20 refundable cash deposit required for the keys. Thanks in advance for considering Mail 24/7 for your mailbox needs.

Printing Products

Download our Print Products Brochure

2: Printing

Featuring Toshiba Estudio color laser printers, we can produce a variety of print products on any medium from transparencies through 12pt coated cover, in sizes from a business card, to 18x12, double sided, full color. While not a replacement for a traditional print shop, we fill the gap between your desktop color inkjet printer and a dedicated offset shop, geared for high volumes and minimum orders. We can produce 100 business cards, 10 flyers, 100 booklets, 2 menues, or 5000 mailers in multiple colors. Our pricing reflects the size of the order, and the amount of setup and design work we perform. If your order would be better served at a production shop, we will tell you. If it is something you can more easily do yourself, we will also let you know, although we rarely decline a request. In addition to our digital printers, we have two multilith 1250W offset presses, and a full size Guilitine cutter, card slitter, commercial folder, book stapler, laminator, binder, drill and more. Our preference is to provide value in every order. Give us a call for your next print job. For more specific information and a common, but by no means exhaustive list of products, examples and prices, view the file above.

Key duplication

Key prices and Key Guide

3: Key Duplication

We have a Hillman key machine on site, and carry a wide range of standard and painted key blanks for most though not all purposes. We do not focus on automotive keys, but primarily house, padlock, and general purpose keys. Keys are $2.00 for regular and $5.00 for painted color keys. Feel free to call or stop by. If you want some additional information on keys, you can view Hillmans cross reference guide above.

Notary Service

The Nevada Notary Guide

4: Notary

For your Notary needs, stop by during business hours, and we will take care of you. After hours service is available on a case by case basis. Just call and note, travel charges will apply. You must possess acceptable identification and remember, we can not offer legal advice, only Notary service. The link above will let you view the State of Nevada's notary guidelines. Exciting reading!

Pack and Ship

Reference our Shipping Guide


Shipping your packages, parcels, and flats is our pleasure. We have boxes, bubble wrap, tape, peanuts, as well as FedEx boxes, envelopes, and tubes and of course, the popular USPS flat rate boxes, envelopes, and mailers for everything from shoes to anvils. After all, if it fits it ships, up to 70 pounds. Some other restrictions may apply. You may also feel free to drop your letter and parcels, (except for UPS, because UPS will not deal with non-UPS stores), and we will make certain they depart promptly. Our answer to UPS is FedEx ground, which is very competitive in price, but unparalleled in service. For International shipments, you have the ability to directly compare pricing and service between three carriers. Often the postal service is least expensive, but for certain destinations, DHL or FedEx are better choices. Let us help you make the proper decision that considers all of the factors including delivery time, cost, size, weight, packaging, destination, insurance, and success of different shippers in different markets. Call for more details, or look at the shipping guide above, that contains scenarios and suggestions.

Vinyl Signs

Review our Sign Guide

6: Signs

If you require vinyl signs, from a custom bumper sticker to lettering for car or van, in a variety of colors, we can help you bring your ideas to reality. Even photographic likenesses can be rendered in vinyl, and can really enhance your image. Sale signs, menus, sandwich boards, windows, any smooth surface is suitable. Stop by, or download our sign book, which contains examples and pricing and start making an impression today.


This is the Banner Book

7: Banners

There are essentially two styles of banner, those printed by large inkjet printers, and banners built with vinyl letters. We do the latter. We cut, sew, and apply high quality letters and graphics, to the banner material. The result is an attractive, durable, and cost effective banner solution. Call for details.


More about Binding

8: Binding

Often neglected, binding is the finishing touch to your presentation. We can cut, fold, staple, punch, spiral bind, thermal bind, and laminate as needed to produce a finished product. Whether it is one report, 20 menues, or fifty booklets, most orders can be filled in 24 hours or less. The next time you want presentation proucts for your group or sales meeting, give us a call. For samples and sample pricing, click the link above.

Contact us

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9: Contact us